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What is ShareStock?

ShareStock is a new tool offered by Inter Cars Industry within the program called "technical warehouse of tomorrow". The platform works as a virtual warehouse in which participants provide information about inventory of their stocks. ShareStock is designed to increase the chances of getting rid of not needed parts, as well as facilitates search for any non-standard parts in the event of an emergency.

We all know how big the problem is to purchase quickly an unusual spare part. We all have to deal also with the unnecessary parts in technical warehouses of our production plants. However, according to the probabilities, it is quite possible that a plant from another part of the country has the part we are looking for, and what is more it would gladly sell us this part. On the basis of the experience of our customers and our own, we wanted to meet the needs of the market. Our proposal is ShareStock online stock sharing platform which works among a group of partners.

How does it work?

Industrial plant subscribed to ShareStock gets an access to the offer of a number of spare parts made by other partners in the group. This opens a window into the market segment inaccessible up to now. In addition, after sharing the information about his inventory on ShareStock, subscriber increases the chance of selling unwanted parts of his own technical warehouse. The subscriber decides whether and which parts are shared. Inter Cars is the administrator of ShareStock platform, as well as the intermediary of all deals made through ShareStock. It means that all information shared on our platform are anonymous (while finding a part, the user does not know who is the seller) and Inter Cars provides transaction security.

Main benefits for ShareStock users:

  • Increase of chance for faster finding of unusual parts
  • Increase of chance to get rid of redundant parts
  • Ability to monitor the market, real-time access to information about the availability of the interesting parts
  • Reduce the costs of maintenance purchases (saving time)
  • Optimization of the costs of technical warehouse (reduction of scrap stock)
  • Increase of the effectiveness of the reaction maintenance in case of unusual failure

Sharestock? Why do I need it? What's in it for me?
Overall - participation in the online platform Sharestock gives the access to Europe's largest virtual stock of spare parts for the industry. If you will need to purchase some unusual parts or order something urgently, there is a good chance that ShareStock will facilitate this and you will not have to spend a few hours or days looking for the suppliers, or for waiting a few days or weeks for delivery. Secondly, you will be able to share information about your unnecessary parts to the virtual warehouse maybe they would be useful for someone and you could earn on them?

Is the platform is already running?
Yes. However, it will take some time until ShareStock reaches full functionality. This is due to build economies of scale - to fulfill its task, platform should be filled with parts from several large customers from every industry branch. Full functionality of the platform ShareStock is planned for the second half of 2017. Currently, we are running the pilot program and we are expanding the scale very quickly by adding new customers at this stage to the platform. The number of available products currently is counted in hundreds of thousands, with a total value of several million EUR.

Who uses ShareStock?
So far, our main target were maintenance departments in industrial plants. We are looking for subscribers who want not only buy parts, but above all, to share information about inventory of their own technical warehouses, because without the development of the platform would not be possible. In addition, the information about available parts is also shared by trading companies and some parts manufacturers.

Lets say, that I would like to take part in it. What must I do to be able to sell a part on ShareStock platform?
It is required to prepare the information about parts which you would like to add to the virtual warehouse ShareStock. We will provide guidelines which precise what information exactly we need (part number according to the manufacturer's designation, technical description, quantity, price, etc.). In most cases, a snapshot from your enterprise resource planning system is enough. Obviously, the more information we get (detailed technical descriptions), the greater is the opportunity for the successful sale.

What about prices of parts in ShareStock? Are my parts sold at the same price, which is declared at the beginning by the seller?
It depends. Normally there is a little overhead range added to the price declared by the supplier (its level depends on several parameters such as value, parts status, its availability etc.). On the other hand, it should be emphasized, that we approach individually to every transaction and the contract for use of the platform ShareStock allows the possibility of price negotiations. We can imagine this kind of situation: User X finds an interesting part on the platform. The part appears with the price 1000EUR, but user X states that he would like to buy it for 800EUR, because 1000EUR is an exaggeration in his opinion. Thus, he asks if there is possibility that something can be done to lower that price. InterCars, as a system administrator, contacts the seller, user Y on behalf of user X and asks if he is able to lower the price, because there appeared a potential buyer. The final decision always belongs to parts owner.

Does it mean that I do not know where does the part come from?
Buyer does not know who sells the part. On ShareStock platform it is indistinguishable whether the part comes directly from InterCars, straight from the manufacturer, or maybe from the technical warehouse of a factory from the town 10km away. Of course, there is a possibility that the virtual warehouse will have more than one piece of part which come from different sources. They could vary by the price, information on the status (new, used, reconditioned, damaged, etc.), as well as the date of delivery. Why we decided not to allow the direct contact between buyer and seller? It is a question of security of transactions and responsibility for the goods.

And what about any complaints and return of goods? Who is responsible when there is a problem with the purchased parts?
PIt is quite precisely regulated in the contract for use of the ShareStock platform. In brief: Each part sold on the platform has its own status defined by its owner (eg. new part, used, reconditioned, damaged, etc.). If the real status of the parts does not agree with the declared (part which should be new is damaged), then the procedure of complaint takes place between the buyer and InterCars. InterCars turn with the problem to the seller. Summing up - we do not leave the buyer with the problem on his own, we do not send him to the parts previous owner, but we help to solve the problem. It is one of reasons why the platform is designed so that InterCars is intermediary of all transactions.

What are the costs of joining the project?
According to the standard price list - the cost is 49 EUR per month for full access to the platform (sales + purchases) or 29 EUR per month (only for purchases). Important - we have prepared special conditions for customers, who would provide the information about significant amount of products from their technical warehouse. All license fees can be suspended for these customers for the period up to 12 months (period of payment suspension depends on the number and value of shared parts matter to be negotiated individually).

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